Practice Flow

All doctors are not alike, and neither are their practice management styles. Electronic Medical Records provide huge upsides to traditional paper approaches, but oftentimes implementation of EMRs requires doctors to change the way they perform their practice in order to adapt to the new software. This isn’t so with Medarc-Brian’s Practice Flow feature, which allows you to take full control of the way you implement EMRs and work with your patients.

Flexible Office Visit

  1. Create your visit type (Standard Visit, Follow Up, Specialty Visit, etc)
  2. Choose your visit steps (Check-in, vitals, medications, hpi, referrals, check-out, unlimited choices) - a one time task
  3. Select a patient, choose from your visit types, and start your visit
  4. Visits can be displayed as a step-by-step wizard, all in one page, or table-of-contents style. It's up to you
  5. Stop anytime and resume where you left off
  6. Visit Summary keeps track of what has been done during the visit
  7. Finish visit and print visit summaries, education resources, lab orders, referrals, patient visit explanations, and more

Practice Flow is a unique practice workflow system that allows doctors to configure the workflow of EMR based on the way they prefer to run their practice. Configure the steps of a patient visit according to how you actually work, not how you are expected to work, allowing you toprogress through a visit faster and as naturally as you would with your existing paper process.

What Makes Us Different?

The problems with EMRs are that they tend to call for strict adhesion to a particular method of implementation, causing many potentially interested healthcare providers to approach them with skepticism, preferring their old pen and paper approach so they can retain their freedom of practice. But with Medarc’s Practice Flow, the way you manage your practice doesn't have to change just to facilitate simplicity.

Custom EHR

Let Medarc-Brian help you streamline your practice, not change it. Effective practice management is all about working efficiently and carefully, and harnessing the potential of EMRs is a big part of that. The Practice Flow technology you’ll find in this software is the perfect tool for keeping with the way you work best while successfully integrating the latest methodology.

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