Patient Portal

As a healthcare professional devoted to serving your patients, you understand just as well as we do that it’s of utmost importance to do everything possible to enhance the patient experience. That’s why we’ve developed our EMR software offer not just to benefit you, the doctor or care provider, but directly to the patient as well.

Medarc-Brian’s data interface is already a vital tool for helping professionals keep track of all of their records, financials, scheduling, etc., but we’ve made it just as easy for patients to create accounts and log in to find the information they need that you have securely stored in your server, the same way you and your staff are able to log in.

Patient Portal Features

The Patient Portal provides individual login credentials to each patient, making it easy for them to sign in and gain access to educational resources, their own patient record details, copies of their health information, and more. With the Patient Portal, it’s easier than ever to keep in contact with your patients and ensure that they are receiving the best care possible from your practice. This feature even helps to save time by allowing immediate access to the information they need on their own time.

Your patients trust you to help them stabilize, maintain, or improve their health, so take advantage of this innovative EHR feature to keep them informed and keep them healthy.

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