Every doctor has his or her own methods for keeping track of notes, prescriptions, schedules, thoughts, ideas, etc., so we’ve made transcription services easily accessible for those professionals who prefer to keep their information in-line by speaking it out lout and recording it.

Why Transcribe?

Simple pen and paper or word documents don’t always allow for the free flowing of information needed, especially in the data-heavy field of healthcare. It’s certainly not uncommon for doctors to have their hands full while assessing patients or trying to keep track of their records, and we have found that many rely on transcription services to help them organize these texts for later reference.

Using Medarc’s Transcribing feature, you can vocally record at your pace anything you need to have taken down for a later time if you can’t get to the keyboard, straight to your personal computer, laptop, or tablet. From there, your favorite, trusted transcription service provider can log directly into our website securely to pick up your audio file, transcribe it themselves, and then post it back to the server when they’re done so you can pick it up for your own use.

Keep your patient care running at your pace and with your methods and have all of your data stored securely for your reference whenever you need it with MB Transcribing.

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