We know doctors have their hands full at all times when trying to run their own practice, so removing as much distraction as possible from their patient care can do nothing but good. Medarc-Brian is poised to allow complete focus on practice, helping every type of healthcare provider—whether receptionist, podiatrist, physical therapist, or anyone involved in care—to optimize not only the treatments they facilitate, but the businesses they run to maintain the good health of those around them through a complete, integrated healthcare IT system.

Feature List

The Medarc-Brian software features that come standard with every system purchase have been put in place to deliver a complete package of everything a doctor of any kind would need for his or her practice, from setting up a regimen for taking on patients to the first contact with a patient to billing to patient transfer. We have endeavored to make MB as inclusive as possible; here are some of the most popular features available through the software:

Our electronic medical records offering is the staple of the Medarc-Brian complete healthcare IT system. Compile all of your past medical records, update them, and add new ones to save on space, reduce transportation and storage spending, and access whenever you need them. EMRs integrate fully with the rest of our software, including CPOEs, Document Management, and Practice Flow.

Assigning and prescribing medications has never been easier. Get warnings for potential conflicts based on your patient’s data and quickly check on recommended dosages, side effects, and more. You can even have the final prescription sent electronically to your preferred pharmacist for your patient to pick up.

Use this feature to conveniently organize all of your appointments, both professional and patient, and look back on previous ones when needed. Assign individual patients to different members of your practice and color code them on the calendar for quick reference.

Do away with all of your paper trails and free up space in your office by moving all of your documents to digital formats. Integrated with your EMRs, prescriptions, CPOEs, Practice Flow, and more, you can upload new documents at any time and assign them directly to patient clipboards. Update whenever necessary and even convert faxes and copies to keep on file for quick reference. Document Management also works with HL7 messages to keep all of your reports organized.

Stay on top of your billing electronically, providing easy payments and facilitating safe, secure transactions between you and your patients.

The features provided here have been compiled to offer the most complete healthcare IT system package available. Medarc-Brian is your answer to streamlining your practice, and if you run into difficulties at any time, please contact us or consult our technical support.

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