Computerized Provider Order Entry

One of the most innovative and, consequently most talked-about, digital capabilities for improving patient care on the market today is Computerized Provider Order entry, sometimes referred to as Computerized Physician Order Entry. Medarc-Brian is committed to utilizing every possible benefit to healthcare providers through our comprehensive software, and CPOEs are certainly part of this.

What is CPOE?

CPOEs allow for a primary physician to call his or her personal methods of treatment into general protocol for an entire practice and for everyone involved in the care he or she supervises through, as the name suggests, digital entry of said instructions. This carries several notable benefits for streamlining patient care, notably reducing the risk of error by providing unambiguous instruction traced directly back to a primary physician, bringing all relevant data such as inventory and medical backgrounds into a single place for wide usage, and allowing for orders to be made anywhere and anytime, even off-site.

Why should I use CPOE?

By bringing CPOEs into use at your practice, you can greatly improve overall efficiency and even improve the quality of the care you provide. CPOEs also have been shown to help in decision making for patient care by offering logistical data and patient history in easily relatable manners whenever they are needed. Doctors and staff alike can review orders at any time, check for allergies, past illness, a patient’s potential for adverse drug reactions, suggested drug dosage, and more easily and fluently, all at the point of care, wherever that may be.

As part of Medarc-Brian’s support of movement away from traditional oral and pen/paper methodology, CPOEs provide a huge breakthrough for helping doctors reduce errors in communication and helping all caregivers optimize the way they attend to patients.

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