Electronic Medical Records

With the limited physical space that comes with an office setting and the continual possibility of having to retrieve information on your past patients at any given time, it may be time to do away with your paper system for medical records and make way for the many advantages of Electronic Medical Records.

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Medarc-Brian’s Electronic Medical Records capabilities are the software’s most convenient and sought-after feature, giving entire practices the freedom to record all of their patient information electronically. If you’ve been holding on to a hardcopy pen and paper recording method, we understand that; it’s one of the most basic, trusted, and essential components of any practice, a staple of patient care that has existed for as long as doctors have. Still, as the files and folders and cabinets pile up, you may be realizing that it would be far easier—and potentially cheaper—to store and recall patient data if it were all places in a singular digital format.Between transportation, replicating, printing, and the actual cost of storage, the cost for digital storage for EMRs alone is often well worth the price, particularly when factoring in the added convenience.

Electronic Medical Records

Though Electronic Medical Records’ advantages over the previous hardcopy system are significant, your state may still require you to keep those paper copies on file for seven years, so be sure to check you’re your area’s individual protocol as well. But there’s reason to believe that even in those states this policy may be changing, as having all of your EMRs available at any time at the click of a mouse has proved so efficient for government processes and businesses of all sorts that many of them are offering incentives to keep digital copies of medical records, including high compensation from Congress as part of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health act.

If you’re looking into the Medarc-Brian software’s capabilities for no other reason but for EMRs, you’re certainly not alone. Though full integration of this type of software is not yet commonplace nationwide, it is the wave of the future and a huge boost to overall practice efficiency. Start converting all of your medical records into digital formats with our Electronic Medical Records software and start accessing your patients’ allergies, health risks, vitals, medications, histories, and more whenever you need them, right from your own office.

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