PQRS Reporting

The Physician Quality Reporting System guidelines and methods call for a complicated system of reporting that can be difficult to manage, keep up with, and follow along with, as PQRS’s rules are constantly growing and changing.

PQRS for any Specialty

Using the PQRS “Wizard” that comes standard with your Medarc-Brian EHR software, keeping your reporting up to date with PQRS standards is easier than it’s ever been, saving you hassle on not just structuring your reports, but compiling them as well. Our system is open to configuration, adaptable, and expandable; as the PQRS rules grow and change, so can our EHR system.

Our PQRS wizard makes PQRS reporting simple and fast by bringing you basic point and click guidelines to direct you through the process step by step. Fill your data in once, and that’s it. Plus, you never have to worry about updating again for the reporting period.

PQRS Features

The collaboration between various healthcare-related industries signified under PQRS was put in place to further the development, effectiveness, and implementation of pharmaceuticals through facilitating broad communication and advising for drug developers and organizations. By enhancing your activity in their research, you help provide better care over the long run to patients all over the world.

The system put in place by PQRS is used to provide reporting based on different practice care, and your contributions are valuable. You can depend on Medarc-Brian’s PQRS Wizard to keep you organized and keep pharmaceuticals moving forward.

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