HL7 Support

Perhaps some of the most essential aspects to patient care come into play behind the scenes in forms that the patients will never see, hear, or even know exist. Research and the exchange of data to promote research are so essential to continuing to improve the way we as an entire human population not only treat ailments and illnesses, but how we treat patients as people.

What is HL7?

This is the express purpose of Health Level 7, commonly referred to simply as HL7, and Medarc-Brian fully supports their cause and all the doctors who take that cause up as well. The Medarc-Brian software you purchase to help streamline your practice comes with built-in HL7 support to help you help doctors and researchers all over the world in their innovation. The Medarc Brian EHR system can generate HL7 messages for you and can receive them electronically, keeping you an active player in the industry with less effort and the same participation.

Learn more about HL7

If you don’t actively participate in the HL7 conversation, this is a great opportunity to start. By enabling this feature, you can start sending collective messages of health-related information like patient records, lab results, and even immunization activity to keep an open line of communication going throughout the world, helping to promote better, more informed care.

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