E-Prescribing may be one of the most useful and practical components of Medarc-Brian’s medical software—for the health practice and the patient. Just fill out and assign prescriptions online to your preferred pharmacies, and all the work is done.

Why e-Prescribe?

E Prescribe NursePrescriptions represent a very valuable aspect of patient care in more ways than one. It would be impossible to give the best care possible without being able to offer prescribed medications, and that vitality is reflected in the cost to the patients. What’s more, if any errors should arise due to overlooked allergies, misfiled data, general mistake, dosage amount, or any number of the other potential problems that exist, the result could be dangerous for the client. Though prescription mistakes aren’t so common these days, they still do happen.

Read Benefits of E-Prescribing.

Fast and reliable online prescribing

Our medical software features an innovative method of electronic prescription servicing that not only removes all risk from the transaction, but provides simplicity of execution. The database of drugs, side effects, and medical records on file with your practice provides warnings if any potential conflicts or adverse drug interactions would come from a particular prescription. Then once the best prescription is filled out, you can transmit it immediately and the patient can pick it up whenever it’s ready.

Medarc’s medical software was developed to keep your practice running smoothly and to help you keep your patients healthy. You and those you serve will love the E-Prescribing capabilities.

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