Appointments & Scheduling

It goes without saying that maintaining appointments with patients is essential for any practice and the most basic form of transaction between doctor and patient, but it can be a complicated procedure to make it through without proper organization and ease of reference, particularly for fledgling private practices with low staff and new protocol.

Scheduling made easy

Medarc-Brian’s appointment scheduling software allows every user the ability to easily create, label, and store new appointments and change, organize, and make reminders of existing ones. This feature works visually by presenting a customizable calendar, allowing you to sort through months, weeks, and days and pinpoint specific times during each day to examine specific times.You can schedule multiple patients with separate physicians or technicians and check through past appointments for your own reference, and even color code your appointments to easily differentiate what each type of appointment was in one quick look.

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The Appointment Scheduling feature ensures that you never mix up, lose, forget, or lose track of any appointments again; even if you’re organized enough for this to not be a worry for you, you’ll appreciate the added simplicity it brings with it.

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