Document Scanning/uploading and archiving

With the huge number of forms, papers, notes, faxes, and other documents doctors have to sort through on a patient by patient basis, it’s time you let a medical IT system help you manage everything.

Organize the Paper

One great feature of the Medarc-Brian medical IT system is Document Management, a simple but useful offering that allows for complete organization of all documents you receive. As with switching to Electronic Medical Records, Document Management provides the opportunity to save on storage, fax, copy, and delivery costs and helps you reduce clutter throughout any size of office.

Easily upload any new paperwork directly to an existing patient’s chart or have all of your necessary information completed and presentable for new patients the same way you would by handling hardcopy paperwork, only you keep it as a digital file for as long as you need it and can recall it anytime at the click of a button. You can even allow access to all of these to remote computers and devices throughout your office, allowing relevant staff to view and update them as well.

Modernize your Office

Document Management is also ideal for keeping up with practice protocol, particularly for HL7 and HIPAA requirements. In addition to the HL7 features already included with MB’s medical IT system, you can also receive and store HL7 reports as they come in.

If you’re looking to really get your practice running on its most essential levels to save time and reduce unnecessary documentation costs, Medarc’s Document Management offers you another valuable solution. Have your documents ready when you need them and sent where they need to be instantly and leave hardcopy troubles behind you.

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