Site Administration

At Medarc, our goal is to make sure that every doctor who purchases our EMR software has the optimal user experience for his or her specific practice and patient care style, so we don’t dictate how you use, set up, and run your site. We’ve specifically designed our software to allow you the freedom to take control of it and act as Site Administrator to easily make the changes and customizations you see fit without having to bother with contacting an outside party and waste precious time and effort trying to convey your specific needs and then waiting for results.

Take control of your EHR

With Medarc’s available Site Administration feature, you become your own web developer, conveniently managing your templates, lists, resources, and saved data in whatever way makes the most sense to you and represents the simplest way to retrieve or display the information and files you have. This component also allows you to set up your practice’s details, manage your staff members, and take control of your system’s security features, giving you the ultimate say in keeping up your site.

If this sounds complicated, rest assured, as we’ve made this entire process as simple as possible so that any doctor of any amount of technical knowledge can organize things the way they need.

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