Soap Notes

Get your practice workflow running smoothly with our SOAP Note program and ensure that you don't miss a beat with your patients - from assessment to billing.

What is SOAP?

Standing for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan, it'll be easier than ever to keep up. While this note structure is fairly straightforward and well-known for healthcare professionals, your Medarc EHR software will come complete with templates so you can easily record, save, and edit your notes for each patient during their visit. Not fond of using premade templates for your notes or just have a better idea for them? That's fine too. You can even create and save your own custom-made templates to match your personality, your treatment style, or even your different types of patients-whatever helps you stay organized.

Not interested in SOAP, no problem!

Whatever method you have in place for keeping track of your SOAP Notes, we’re confident you'll appreciate this digital documentation option. If you try it out and prefer to stick with your own methods, there’s no harm in leaving this component unused. There's still much more that Medarc has to offer in streamlining your care. Try using other EMR features or use our Document Management system!

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