Multiple Users

With Medarc-Brian EMR software, you won’t be the only member of your practice to benefit from your upgrade; everyone on staff will have access, too.

Medarc-Brian allows multiple users to have access to your particular network by setting up individualized log-in credentials to meet your staffing needs. Each profile can even be customized with specific features of the software that suit that staff member’s needs, meaning you can provide everyone access to only as much as they need, keeping records and data secure and efficient.

User Features

If you prefer to use the Transcription features of the EHR, you can set up Transcriptionist or Typist users that can log in to the system, but only having access to records waiting to be transcribed.

By customizing features you can save time and confusion and keep your practice streamlined, plus you can even use new sign-ins for new staff members as they come along.

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