Florida EHR

Medarc-Brian is a Florida EHR software development company. Though we service practices anywhere in the US, we want doctors in Florida to know they have an EHR systems specialist close to home. We understand the concerns of doctors have about electronic health records in Florida and everywhere else.

Medarc-Brian Understands Doctor Needs and Florida EHR Requirements

FloridaThat's why Medarc-Brian's motto reads, "built for a doctor by a doctor." First, we know doctors have no time for a long learning curve in adopting an electronic health records system. For doctors in Florida, we understand the requirements of the Florida HIE and have developed solutions to make the work-flow go smoothly and store data in compliance with the Florida Electronic Health Records Exchange Act.

We are proud of our our doctor built EHR software system. More than any other EHR solution we've seen, our software takes into account how doctors traditionally handle their notes, files and recordkeeping. See our Features page to see how Medarc-Brian can help your practice implement an EHR system, whether in Florida or anywhere in the US.

Medarc-Brian EHR Software Helps You Store and Access Patient Records, Helping Give Your Florida Patients the Best in Care

We love servicing our clients here in Florida. Thousands of physicians are turning to EHR, and our EHR solutions are quickly implemented. Our mission is to make your adoption of an electronic health records systems painless. Electronic records promise more efficient and accurate service to patients.

We feel our software stands at the cutting edge of eliminating the complaints doctors have about EHR and realizing that goal of better patient care. Contact to discuss how we can bring our easy to learn EHR software to your practice. Our team will help you adapt our system and help merge your existing system with our EHR solution.

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