Why Healthcare is a Good Education Choice


When considering what education you want to get you want to take certain things into consideration. You want to look at the demand for that field in the real world. You also want to look at earning potential.

With both of these considerations, healthcare is a great field to go into. It is a broad field, and there is room for a number of positions with varying levels of education. You could be working in as little as three months, depending on the program you go through and the type of work you want to do.

Types of Healthcare Education

Istock 000019574501XsmallThere is a large list of potential positions in the healthcare field.

Here are just a few.

The list goes on and on. These are just the most common. There are actually many forms of nursing, and that category alone comes with multiple positions, all requiring varying levels of education and experience. Several of these positions can be gained with minimum education, allowing you to train for one job that you can keep while getting an education for a better healthcare position in the future.

Why Healthcare is in Such Demand

Everyone needs healthcare, so it is not a field that is likely to die down. In addition, with the new healthcare reform, more people are going to be getting the healthcare they need. This is bringing healthcare professions into a new light, and in higher demand than ever before.

The healthcare field has a lot of turnover, because some people find out they just can’t handle it while others leave one healthcare profession for another. CNAs, nurses, and medical office support positions have the most turnover. Don’t let this scare you off however. It just means that there is that much more room for educated and trained individuals to move in and quickly find employment.

Earning Potential

Healthcare professions offer a great earning potential depending on your level of education. The more education you have, the better the position will be and the more you will be able to earn. CNAs can train in three months or less, and make an average of $10-12 per hour. Likewise, office support like medical transcriptionists or billing and coding specialists can train in about six months and earn $10-15 or even $20 per hour, depending on location and the size of the office.

Keep in mind these are the careers with the least amount of education required. For positions with more education required, the earning potential is much greater. Of course, doctors are the highest paid medical professionals.

It is easy to see with this information that healthcare is a field worth becoming educated in. Whether you have short term or long term goals, there is a career for you in the medical field.

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