Obama Care VS Romney Care—Learn the Facts


Many Americans are confused about what Obama Care means for them, or what Romney Care would mean should he be elected. There are many misconceptions about these two very different healthcare plans.

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In order to make an informed decision this election, it is important to understand fully the details of these two takes on healthcare reform. Not only may this effect your decision for the presidential election, but it may also affect your position on other positions up for election in November in your home state or community. What you will find here is only a summary of information. You should research both plans for yourself using unbiased sources of information to fully understand your choices.

Obama Care—A Helping of Liberal Ideas

Obama Care means a lot of different things, but here are some highlights.

There are many other things that are covered by Obama Care. One additional thing to note is that those who have the ability to purchase private insurance will have to do so or pay a tax. Those who do not have the ability to pay for private insurance will be able to gain coverage through the Health Care for America Plan.

Romney Care—Shying Away from the Conservative Standard

Romney Care refers to the healthcare reform that took place in Massachusetts while Romney was governor.

It is strikingly similar to Obama Care.

Romney Care proved that healthcare reform could make a difference. Premiums are at a significant low in Massachusetts, and the number of people covered is very high. More businesses are offering insurance to their employees, and the program has proven to be quite cost effective. Unfortunately, Romney’s plans for America, should he be elected, are quite different from what he signed into law in Massachusetts. He feels that states should be in control of their own healthcare reform, based on the needs of the state.

What Should Win the Contest?

It could be argued that Romney Care is a better way to handle getting everyone on insurance. However, it could prove difficult on a national level. While allowing individual states to be in control of their own reform may seem like a good thing, there are problems with this concept. In the end, only you can decide which one you think should win the election.

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