Management of Diabetes Mellitus


Diabetes mellitus or commonly known as diabetes, is a metabolic disorder which affects our body due to the disturbance caused to our carbohydrate metabolism. In this type of disorder, the glucose levels are kept high for a longer period. If the levels of blood glucose is high for a long period, it can cause serious irreversible complications to our organ system and finally can lead to coma and even death.

Managing Diabetes

DiabetesThe management of Diabetes is always not hard, but certainly not easy too. The main goal of our management is to balance out the corrupted carbohydrate metabolism. All of the available treatments aimed to bring that goal into the effect, but to tell the truth; it is somewhat tough in terms of balance. There are certain principles or key factors should be considered to achieve such a balance and to keep your carbohydrate to the norm as others do.

It is sometimes hard to tell it aloud that there are no magical cures for Diabetes mellitus until to date, but there are many researches, which gives an immense hope for the future. As we, all know that, there are mainly 2 types of diabetes, Diabetes mellitus type 1 and Diabetes mellitus type 2. Even though the main goal of the treatment or management in both the Diabetes lies the same, which is the restoration of Carbohydrate metabolism, but the pathways that promote the success of the management totally differently.

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus type 1 or otherwise called as Insulin dependence Diabetes mellitus employs the Insulin in the form of natural or synthetic, which are available in the form of injections. The main idea of this type is to supply the body with the necessary insulin to restore its function of carbohydrate metabolism. In this type of Diabetes, our own body does not produce enough insulin.

Diabetes mellitus type 2 or referred as Insulin independent or resistance diabetes mellitus. In this type of diabetes, you need to use drugs to balance the carbohydrate metabolism. The first line drugs used are metformin. However, dietary modification and regular exercise help to restore the normal balance of the carbohydrate metabolism.

The other methods used in the management of diabetes are, the methods used to prevent or to treat complications of diabetes itself or the side effect of the drugs used. The methods are proper hygiene of your foot and your skin to prevent any serious complication from diabetes. The next important care should be taken of your teeth and your gums. The high level of glucose cause serious problems with the teeth and gum, a proper consultation with a dentist is necessary.

As a conclusion, the methods mentioned above are very simple, inexpensive and can be achievable. The only effort you have to invest here is yourself and your commitment to it. It is to tell the truth; quite challenging at the beginning of the program or schedule, but you is acclimatized with day by day and the good health act as a bonus for your commitment. Hence, the management of diabetes not depends on your doctor, but the key and the lock lie inside you. It is your duty to open that lock and let the good health walks in.

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