How Does Meaningful Use Impact Physicians?


Even though EHR systems are now being developed on a large scale, physicians still face a lot of problem in employing those systems in their practice. Most physicians are just not skilled enough to use those IT systems. Many find it too difficult to switch to the digital recording and are comfortable with the paper recording. Keeping the comfort factor aside, many physicians and health care providers are concerned about the costs of switching from the paper recording to the digital recording. This process will no doubt incur costs and also will require time and a lot of effort in training physicians to use them properly. This was the problem which was slowing down the progress of how physicians embrace the new IT systems in their practice.

However, the recent Act given by President Obama which offers them to get reimbursement if they deploy health IT systems in their practice of physician health care, has caused the progress to speed up. The act says that physicians who use EHR systems and achieve meaningful use will be reimbursed the cost of using of employing the system and also will be given extra incentives.

The meaningful use act has really pushed physician health care providers to embrace these systems. Those who were lagging behind and weren’t using the system properly are now pressurized and motivated to employ it and achieve meaningful use while others who were still thinking about whether to make the switch or not, are given an incentive to do it, for good.

One problem many physicians are facing is that they are unable to comprehend the meaning of meaningful use. Although the act included this term, it did not define it. However, we can still assume that it means the system should be used properly so that it gives meaningful benefits. 

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