EHR Created For a Doctor by a Doctor


The most common problem faced by doctors who are recommended to use the medical records systems developed by IT experts is the cost of the switch from paper records to digital records. The point is, most of the doctors have no expertise whatsoever in using software systems developed by computer engineers. It seems like a recipe for disaster to make a doctor use a system made by an IT expert. It requires the cost of training and a lot of time for the health providers to learn how to use these medical records systems. Still after training, there are high chances of health providers to make mistakes and errors that can cost a lot to a patient.

Although doctors are given incentives these days to switch from paper records to digital health records, they still find it too difficult to make the switch. While some of the health providers have a little bit of IT expertise and they find it easy, there are many others who don’t even understand how to use such an automated digital EHR.

The problem here is not related to EHR and the system but it is rather about who created them. Doctors and health providers would have faced fewer problems if these electronic health record systems were developed by doctors and physicians themselves or at least included some input from their side. An electronic health record system developed entirely by a team of computer engineers would become very difficult for a doctor to adapt to. On the other hand, if the health records system was made by a team of IT experts which included doctors too, it would become a lot easier for health providers to make the switch.

Fortunately, this issue has been addressed and now more systems are developed which have inputs from doctors themselves and so, are easier to adapt to. 

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